Saturday, 17 September 2011

No Appointment?

We went to a private dental clinic this morning and came back home with dissapointment. It's not about the service, I haven't even had chanc to try the dental service yet. It was the way they run their business.

I guess this dental clinic must be one of the famous among most Melaccans. Lots of patients were waiting for their turn to be diagnosed and treated. I undestand that I won't be able to have a chance to get my service by today, therefore I told the clerk I want to make an appiintment for the coming week. The clerk replied: "Kita takde ambil appointment lah".

What? No appointment? So is that means you want your customer to wait for hours the clinic? WTH? I just couldn't imagine Melaka has dental clinic that still do not apply appointment system! OK, let's don't compare to UK, let's look at KL or Selangor. I had experience making appointment in one of the clinic in PJ about 5-6 years ago. This help all patients to avoid wasting time waiting in the clinic.

I really don't uderstand why this clinic in Melaka does not apply appointment system. It's bloody wasting people's time...


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