Wednesday, 21 September 2011

It's Hot!

When I first saw her, OMG.... she is so HOT! I just couldn't resist touching her again and again. I can't wait for hubby to come back and help me with the installation! She is irresistable! Yes! My HOT, tiny, light lappy has arrived!

Before ordering this, I was thinking to have ipad as my next new toy. However, hubby told me if I am a heavy user, ipad may not suit me well. So in the end, I choose this little HOT lappy. I love her so much. She is smaller, so so much lighter and most importantly she is in red! The color that I love most and the lappy color that I have been dreaming to have since years ago!

This little red riding hood needs to be fed with lot's of sofware later. I am waiting for hubby to return from his workshop on Friday. She will be installed with some photo editing tools, drawing tools, some stupid games later... haha!

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