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浪漫城之旅 - 凯旋门 *Trip to the City of Romance - Arch de Triomphe (21 May 08)

巴黎游,已经是一年前的事了。很早以前就想把这篇巴黎游记从旧的部落格搬来这个新的部落格里,但旧部落格里的东西真的是太琳琅满目了,要从新编辑真的得花上一段很长的时间。本来想用两个语言写‘旅游摄影’这个theme, 后来才发现到自己真的心有余而力不足。结果,很多英国游记都只用英语写。自认英文并不好(当然华语也好不到哪里去),但用英语写的原因是打英语字肯定会比打华语字快很多。



话说回来,当我和小华第一眼看到凯旋门时,我们都有同感 - 这个纪念碑很像新德里的India Gate。凯旋门被列为世界第二大的战争纪念碑(最大那个好像在韩国)。凯旋门附近都有很多游客,想要拍一张比较‘清静’没受到干扰的照片真的是很难。之前有位朋友提前跟我们说和凯旋门照相一定要到路中央去。他告诉我说路中央有地方供给游客拍照。我原本以为那地方会很宽,怎么知道原来只是两条来回大路的中央而已,地方的宽度只能摒着肩站两个人。其实很危险,两旁一直不停的有车子来来往往,一方面又要和一大堆其他的游客轮流 take place 照相,说是在的,蛮恐怖,搞不好人会死在异乡。

Went to Paris about a year ago. I should have posted this blog much earlier. However, it is a tough job to shift blogs from an old site to a new site. Was planning to write in two languages for all my travelling blog, but most end up with just one.

Dad and mum came to visit us in mid May last year. The actual plan was to bring them touring around England, Scotland and Holland. Plan to Paris came as a surprise, it was included 2 weeks before my parents arrived in London. It's a bonus for myself and for them too, at least they could make use of the 13 hours direct flight, get to visit more countries and places.

Many said Paris is a romantic city, frankly speaking... I don't think it is. To me, Paris is a very polluted metropolitan, with lots of motor vehicles and every where is crowded with people. French does not give me a good impression too. Most were rude, especially when they know you do speak English.

Well... forget about the unpleasant experience. Let's look at the beauty of Paris's architecture. When hubby and I first saw Arch de Triomphe, both of us had the same thought: how come this arch looks like India Gate in Delhi? Arch de Triomphe is a triumphal arch built to honor those who sacrified their life in Napoleonic War (1803-1815). It is the second largest triumphal arch in the world (heard that the biggest is in Korea).

Due to there were too many tourists loituring around the area, it was very hard to get a nice shot of this arch. A friend of mine told me, to take the nicest shot, one must stand in the middle of the busy road. Well... I agree, you could capture the best pic by standing on the centre road divider, however you may have to risk your life to do that. The traffic was crazily busy, motor vehicles could just hit on you at any time! Try your luck if you dare! hehe.....

This is the so called 'taxi' in Paris.

I was standing in the middle of busiest road in Paris~~~take my pic, make it quick!

The traffic around Arch de Triomphe was crazy!

Mum was so happy taking a photo with a young France soldier.

A closer look of Arch de Triomphe. This monument reaches the height of 162 feet, 150 feet in width and 72 feet in depth. It is the 2nd largest triumphal arch in the world. It is built to honor heroes who had sacrified their life in Napoleonic War. As you could see, there are names engraved on the wall. These are the names of soldiers who died in the war.

There are 4 different stone crafts on the 4 seperate pillars. This is one of them.

This is another one.

A closer look at the crafted stone on the top of the arch.

This old man kept on pulling me to take photo with him, but so funny that he always hide his face behind the flat.

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