Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Roman Bath in the City of Bath (22 Mar 09)

Went to Bath on the same day as we went to Stonehenge. The distant between these two places is about an hour drive.

I have been to Rome, but due to our tight schedule, we didn't have a chance to visit Roman Bath. Surprisingly there is one in Bath too, and of cause I am not going to miss the opportunity this time. The admission fee to Roman Bath is quite expensive, however I do think this place is worth visiting. (Admission fee is 11 pounds per person)

Roman Bath is situated below the modern street level. This place attracted more than 1 million visitors every year. There are all 4 main features: The Sacred Spring, The Roman Temple, The Roman Bath House and the museum. Roman Bath's water comes from the ground, which sometimes could raise to the temperature of 96 degree celcius.

Later on that day, we went for a slow walk around Bath City. I was attracted by the Royal Crescent, where a group of houses are built and laid out as crescent. Went to walk around Bath Abbey as well. The full name for Bath Abbey is The Abbey Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. It was founded in 7th century, an old but very beautiful church.

This is part of Royal Crescent in Bath. I just love the architecture here.

One of high streets in Bath.

Take a turn to the left and cross under the pillars, you will be able to see Bath Abbey in the front and Roman Bath on the right.

This is what we saw after making the turn....

Bath Abbey stands at the front while Roman Bath is on the right....

Bath Abbey

The King and Queen Bath stands beside Roman Bath, the entrance is facing the high street.

Entrance to Roman Bath...

Statues are surrounding the terrace. The Great Bath is just right in the middle, a level below this.

Statues on terrace.

Behind is Bath Abbey, taken from Roman Bath.

This photo was taken in a corner of Roman Bath museum. It's Gorgon's head taken from the temple of Pediment.

Model of Roman Bath and Roman Temple.

One of the collection in the museum.

Hippocamp Mosaic

Moon Goddess

Over 100 curses have been recovered from the spring. All kind of curses may be found here, including curses from people who found their belongings dissapeared after bathing.

Each curse is 'writen' on a bronze or any kind of ironic materials. You may find some are still clearly engraved.

The Great Bath.

Great Bath.

This is the cold bath, it's called Frigidarium. So many coins were thrown into this pool, people must have made their wishes here... This place is very dark, I was so surprised that I could take such clear photo with just one rushing shot! I love my new cam! :)

Bath Abbey - the side view.

One of the facinating buildings and architectures in Bath City.

Bath Abbey, view from another side.

Behind me is a small hill with residential houses. These houses were built in Royal Censcent.

It's early spring, flowers start to blossom at every where.