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浪漫城之旅 - 浮罗宫 *Trip to the City of Romance - Musee du Louvre (23 May 08)

对浮罗宫这个名字不会陌生吧?浮罗宫是法国的国家博物院,有看过达文西密码的朋友们应该会对这个地方有印象。虽然浮罗宫没有英国的瓜家博物馆大,面积是632,300 平方尺,一供收藏了35,000间物品,但来这里参观浮罗宫的人却比去参观英国国家博物院的人还多。在吸引参观者这一方面,浮罗宫可是全世界最受欢迎的博物院。



其实,浮罗宫建筑物的设计比博物馆里收藏的东西还要出色。浮罗宫的整个建筑物是偏长方形的,三个角落各自建了一栋长形的建筑物(被分为3wings: Sully Wing, Richelieu Wing 和Denon Wing),另一个角是空的,可以直接通到大街去。这一群建筑物的中间有一个很大的广场,最重要的,也是常吸引游客拍照的就是广场中间的三角形玻璃。在浮罗宫外面看,这个三角形的顶尖是朝着天空的。但一进去浮罗宫后才发现原来这个三角形的地下并不是平面的,有的却是另一个倒立的三角形,也就是顶尖差一点就着地的三角形玻璃。值得一提的是,这个三角形玻璃的建筑师是个美国华侨 - I.M.Pei。即使到了今天,还是有很多建筑师对这个I.M.Pei 的建筑设计和计算感到十分的惊叹。

*进门票是8.50欧元一人,但因为我们买了museum pass, 所以我们只向他们显示我们有pass 就可以进去了。听说星期日是免费的。进门就是在三角形玻璃那儿。

Those who love 'The Da Vinci Code' movie will definately won't forget the scene taken at Musee du Louvre. Musee du Louvre is the national museum of France. It is built on a 632,300 square feet land and today it has collected 35,000 pieces of historical items. Although Musee du Louvre does not collect and exhibit items as many as British National Museum, it is the world's most visited museum.

Musee du Louvre is divided into 8 different galleries according to 8 different themes: Egyptian Antiquities; Near Eastern Antiquities; Greek, Etruscan and Roman; Islamic Art; Scrulptures; Decorative Arts; Painting; and last but not least Prints and Drawings.

Among all the collections, oil paintings attracted me most. Although I have seen some oil paintings it in British National Art Gallery, I still prefer paintings in Musee de Louvre.

Frankly speaking, nothing is more attractive than the architecture of Musee du Louvre. 3 edges of this area are surrounded by a long strecthing building (Sully Wing to the east, Richelieu Wing to the north and Denon Wing to the South). The main entrance that connects to the main street is situated on the west. The plaza is built in the centre of these buildings, and there is a glass-made triangular in the centre of the plaza. If seeing it from the outside of the museum, you may find the triangular is pointing to the sky; in other hand, if seeing it from the inside, you may find another triangular at the same location, but this one is pointing downwards, just a few inches from the floor. Until today, many architects are still amazed with I.M.Pei's designed. I.M.Pei is a China borne American citizen, he is the architect of this marvelous architecture.

*Admission fee is 8.50 euro per person. We bought museum pass, therefore we were not required to buy any more tickets. Main entrance is at the glasspmade triangular.

Museum du Louvre - picture taken from the back (cos we went in from the back).

The piramid at Musee du Louvre. Mum was hiding her face under her sweater... I guess she was trying to avoid direct sun shine! :P

Huge piramid.....

This short video shows the overview of Musee du Louvre.

Photo taken from inside the museum....

We were quite rushing that day... hubby was wondering which gallery should we start first. This photo was taken in the lobby of Musee du Louvre. I planned to snap a photo of glass-made triangular (from the inside), but it was too crowded, so I decided to give up!

Haha.... hubby is always so naughty!

We were in the gallery of 'Sculpture'.

This is one of the painting placed on the ceiling. You may find the whole ceiling is decorated with such amazing painting.

Sculpture of Ceaser.

Another nice drawing on the ceiling...

This short video shows part of the ceiling in Musee du Louvre.

One of the walk ways in the gallery of 'Painting'.

On the right, the area that was surrounded by the crowd - that is where 'Monalisa' is placed. Unlike the other painting, 'Monalisa' is well protected. 'Monalisa' is placed in the hall centre, the painting and the whole wall are covered with another layer of glass, guarded by a few security guards, and visitors are allowed to see this painting only from far. Due to the crazy and pushing crowd, I didn't go near and didn't have a chance to snap the photo.

The huge painting at the far end is facing right to 'Monalisa'. Dad didn't want to squize with the crowd just to see 'Monalisa'.

Well, it's time to search for location of the next destination!

Buildings opposite Museum du Louvre.


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