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浪漫城之旅 - Palais de Chailot 广场及巴黎铁塔 *Trip to the City of Romance - Palais de Chailot & Eiffel Tower (21 & 22 May 08)

旅行参考书是去旅行必备的东西(至少对我来说是这样)。书上有记载,如果想拍到最漂亮的巴黎铁塔,应该从Palais de Chailot 广场走过去。这广场和巴黎铁塔的距离并不远,说真的,没亲身到Palais de Chailot 都真还不知道这里能拍下最美的铁塔照片。要找到这个广场很方便,只要乘坐巴黎地下铁到Trocadero车站就行了。下了车,走了几步就会看到广场就在眼前。

Palais de Chailot 是个蛮大的广场,广场两旁站满了金色的铜人。除了一个范围很大的悠闲地之外,在这里还可一看到 Salon de Musique (海洋博物馆) 及 Theatre de Chailot (歌剧院)。Palais de Chailot 周围有很多黑人卖铁塔纪念品。最好别向他们买(虽然价钱比较便宜) ,因为他们都是一伙的,当一个谈不成生意了,另一个一定会上来为另一个同伴撑腰。他们都很凶,也没礼貌。

Palais de Chailot 慢慢走向铁塔,大概需要20~25分钟的时间。其实我们到达巴黎的第一天,已经到过了巴黎铁塔。很可惜因为时间太迟的关系,人群开始多了(多数人都喜欢上巴黎铁塔看夜景),每一个售票处都挤满了人。加上晚餐的时间也快到了,所以我们只好在巴黎铁塔下面徘徊,然后拍一些照片便走了。希望第二天可以早一点报到,也希望人不会那么多。

第二天,我们从先贤祠直接搭巴黎地下铁到Odeon车站(Odeon车站离巴黎铁塔最近),再度前往巴黎铁塔。这一次,我们花了将近一个钟的时间排队买票上巴黎铁塔。第 1 阶段是从底楼到第1 层;第2 阶段也就是第2层;第3阶段也是最后一层,最高的一层。至于收费哪一方面:
1. 从底楼搭电梯只上到第1阶层是4.80欧元
2. 从底楼搭电梯只上到第2阶层是7.80欧元
3. 从底楼搭电梯上到任何一层(也可以直接上到最高一层)是12欧元。

1. 从底楼只能走到第2阶层,付费是4欧元
2. 从底楼走到第2阶层,再从第2 阶层坐电梯上去最高层,付费是8.20欧元。只有铁塔的第一及第二阶层是允许游客用走路上去的,再说。。。即使真的允许游客从最底楼走到最高楼,应该没有几个可以做得到吧?走到上去人都快累死了,谁还有心情去观赏巴黎的美景呀?:P



I always believe the best way to know around a place while travelling, is by reading guidelines from tour-guide books. The book that I bought suggested the best place to view and to have nicest shot of Eiffel Tower is from Palais de Chailot. It is just a 20-25 minutes walk from Palais de Chailot to Eiffel Tower (have to cross a bridge). To get to Palais de Chailot, one could take Paris tube/underground/Metro and get down at Trocadero station. Palais de Chailot is just at the corner.

Palais de Chailot is a huge plaza, with plenty of gold statues standing surrounding the area. Besides a plaza, Salon de Musique (Marine Museum) and Theatre de Chailot stand at the same area too. You may find lots of Negro selling sourveniors around that area. My advise is: althought those sourveniors are cheaper than what you can get from the local sourvenior shops, it's better to avoid buying anything from them. These people are rude and aggresive. They come as a team. When one of them fail to persuade or sell to the buyer, the other member will backup. They will stand very near to you, speak to you loudly and honestly.... I was terrified because of their aggresive behavior.

The first day when we went to Eiffel Tower, it was almost 7pm, it was quite late. Many people lined-up to buy the admission tickets. We were hungry and tired, so we decided to come back again on the next day.

On the next day after visiting Pantheon, we took Metro to Odeon station (the nearest station to Eiffel Tower). Although the queu was not as many people as the day before, it still took us about an hour to get the tickets. All over, there are 3 levels of Eiffel Tower. Going up to different level, by different methods will be charged differently. These are the range of charges in May 08:
1. Taking the lift from ground floor to 1st floor (meaning 1st floor is the highest place you could tour around) = 4.80 Euro.
2. Taking the lift from ground floor to 2nd floor (meaning you can't go beyond 2nd floor) = 7.80 Euro.
3. Taking the lift from ground floor to 3rd floor (meaning you could explore every corner of Eiffel Tower) = 12 Euro.

Some may want to experience walking up to the Eiffel Tower. However, tourists are allowed to walk up to 2nd level only. These are the range of charges:
1. Walking from ground floor up to 2nd level only (meaning you can't explore anything beyond that) = 4 Euro.
2. Walking from ground floor up to 2nd level, and from 2nd level take lift to the highest level = 8.20 Euro.

According to reliable statistical report, about 200,000,000 visitors visited Eiffel Tower every year. The overall height of this tower is 1,063 feet. The highest a visitor could reach is 900 plus feet, as another 79 feet is the measurement of the antenna, a place where visitors are not reachable. The weight of this gygantic steel is 7,300 tans, excluded another 10 tans for non-iron materials that were used to build this tower.

Eiffel Tower is supported with 4 iron pillars/legs and each take up about 125 meter square. There are 328 stair cases from ground floor to 1st floor and 340 stair cases from 1st floor to the 2nd floor. One must walk another 15 stair cases from level 3 before reaching the highest point of this tower. To cut down the risk, to save my parents' energy and to ensure they have a pleasant visit to Paris, I decided to buy 4 tickets that could take us directly to the highest level of Eiffel Tower. First we stopped at 2nd level, take a tour around, then continued on taking lift to the highest level. Finally we took lift down from level 3 to level 1. Level 1 is the final level we went before leaving the tower.

I could never forget the scenary I saw from the highest point of this tower. I could see the whole Paris, every single corner of it. I was amazed by their town planning, full with houses and buildings. Too bad I went in summer. In summer, normally the sun will only go down after 9pm. I didn't get to see the night scenary, but I believe the night scenary shall be even more beautiful!

Photo of Eiffel Tower, taken from Palais de Chailot.

Behind dad and mum is Theatre de Chailot.

Behind is the building of Salon de Musique.

The view from underneath the gigantic steel.

This sign board show various ways and payments to get up to the tower.

We were standing on the 2nd level. Hubby took a photo for 3 of us from a level slightly lower than us.

This photo was taken from the 2nd level. This is the landscape of Palais de Chailot from far.

Another photo taken from the 2nd level.

Also another photo taken from 2nd level.

This is how the highest level look like. Fence was built to avoid people from falling down/ suicide.

This is the scene taken from the highest level of Eiffel Tower.


A short video of Paris scenary taken from Eiffel Tower.

I was shocked when I got down to the 1st level! I thought the real workers were climbing here and there to fix the structure.... Of cause this is not real, however if the tower requires to be re-paint/re-check, this is what the real worker will do, hanging on the cliff and putting their life in danger.

Photo taken from 1st level. Each pillar has two counters selling tickets. This is one of the pillars and only one counter is opened. Look at the crowd, this may take you more than an hour to queu and waiting for your turn to get up to this steel tower.

This is only one of the queu out of all 3 other queus on that day. My experience tell me that the last person who queu in this photo may take more than 2 hours for him/her to get the ticket. Luckily when I came, the queu was not that long!

Last photo of Eiffel Tower. Bye Eiffel Tower!

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