Friday, 10 April 2009

小白的守望台 *Xiao Bai & Her Watchtower


From the day we brought Simba back to Kota Bharu, Xiao Pai spends most of her time either on the roof or on the pillar. I don't understand what makes everyone (everyone here refers to all my cats at home :P) doesn't like Simba. They either keep on running away from Simba, or have a big fight with him.

I guess Xiao Pai rather stays on this pillar than having to see and face with the naughty Simba... Poor Xiao Pai!

I think she rather feels safe here....

"Have you seen Simba this morning?"

"If you see him, tell him that please don't bully me any more...I dislike him! Huh!"

"I thought I saw a pussy cat (Simba).... Yes! Yes! I did see a naughty pussy cat...."


  1. i wonder how many cats do u have? meow~~

  2. 5 remain at home and 1 remain in the shop. :)

  3. Hi Lily! :) I am back in Leeds already! :)