Tuesday, 28 April 2009

欲望都市 - 花市 *Sex & the City - Bloemenmarkt Market (29 May 08)


最刺激的是给我们发现了Cannabis (大麻) 的种子。以前在泰国金三角看过Poppy 的花和种子,cannabispoppy 真得很不同,一个是花,一个好像是叶子。在Bloemaenmarkt那一带有很多档口,其中一些路边的店口是卖春药啊,各种提炼过的毒品啊,香烟啊等等。有一个小角落有放着一些样品给顾客尝的,只要把鼻子一靠近,用力一吸,保你high到姓什么都会忘记!也第一次看到西班牙苍蝇 (spanish fly) 还有蘑菇 (LSD)。

除此,路边也有很多咖啡店。来到阿姆斯特丹可别进错咖啡店哦!这里有两种咖啡店, 一种是那种普通的咖啡店,另一种是卖含有毒品的咖啡。不懂是不是那一天经过了太多这一类的咖啡店,还我整晚和妈咪都睡不着,一直讲话讲到2点多才睡,而且情况是前一晚还睡眠不够呢!

I had a great time while visiting Bloemenmarkt Market in Amsterdam. Bloemenmarkt is the biggest flower market in Holland. This place is full of all kinds of flowers. We went in May last year and May is the season where tulip starts to blossom. Here, tulips come in different colors and the one that I love most is black tulip. The whole market was full with very pleasant aroma, it really makes me feel more relax and happy once I enter this place! You could find very nice surviniours/gifts from Bloemenmarkt with a few penny cheaper than any where else (such like fridge magnets, all sizes of clogs, wood-made tulips, windmills, lighter and etc.).

We were so excited when we first saw Cannabis seeds selling in Bloemenmarkt. I have seen poppy flowers during my first visit to Thailand many years ago, it was absolutely different from cannabis. Unlike poppy flower, cannabis is just an ordinary green plant. While walking and doing some shopping in the market, we also saw a few drug shops along the opposite shophouses. Some drugs are legal for use in Amsterdam. You will be able to find all kinds of stimulants and aphrodiasiac from these shops. There are also samples of drugs displaying on the desk and you could take a sniff if you want, it's free! Also saw spanish fly and LSD which was also known as 'the mushroom'.

There are two kinds of coffee shop in Amsterdam, one is the normal coffee shop where you could sit down, take a rest and have a cup of coffee or two, with some very nice home made biscuits. Another one, looks like normal coffee shop as well, they serve almost the same food, one thing that makes it special is most food and beverages are added and served with drugs. Surprise huh? I wonder how biscuit and coffee with cannabis taste like?

Holland is welknown for producing wood clogs. Look at this pic! Clogs are hanging at every corner of the shop in Bloemenmarkt.

These are dried flowers, it's also for selling.

I don't know what this flower is called, it looks like cat's tail! So nice!!

Haha! The seeds of cannabis! If I am not mistaken, one shall apply for license if he/she wants to do cannabis mass planting in Holland. Don't ever try to buy this back home, because you won't be able to cross the border with this!

These are tulip's seeds, look like onions, isn't it? :)

Behind my parents are just a portion of flowers seeds, there are more.....

Buying some key chains as one of the surviniours.

These toy houses look exactly like the real houses in Amsterdam.

Mum wanted to buy the first door bell, I was planning to buy the third one for myself. However, it was too heavy and we were afraid our laggage might be over weight.


Nice drawing on plate for display.

Cactus. This reminds me of Cameron Highlands in Malaysia.

The 'evolution' of clog. Hehe...

This is one of the drug shops I mentioned. Here, you could find all kinds of stimulants and aphrodiasiac.

You could also find items for decorating garden in Bloemenmarkt.

Houses in Amsterdam really attracted lots of my attention. I just don't understand why most houses were built a bit sloppy to the front. Is this done intentionally? Or with purpose? Did you notice there is a hook on the most top of each houses? As these houses are built tall and narrow, the hook is built to help people who stay on higher level to pull their furniture up. What a brilliant idea!!

Later in the noon, we had our coffee at this coffee shop. This coffee shop serves no drug! :)


  1. So nice........
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  2. Hi Miko, thanks for leaving me message. Don't worry dear, you will have chance to travel around too. :)