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浪漫城之旅 - 卢森堡公园 *Trip to the City of Romance - Jardin du Luxembourg (22 May 08)

那一天早上,我们搭了地下铁,然后在最接近的地下铁停下来,再走到目的地。一路走去,我们无意中到了巴黎的歌剧院。地方不会很大,但蛮漂亮。最喜欢的是剧院旁边的走道,很Classic的味道。我们也停在不少的小当口shopping, 买了一些有的没的。



We took Paris tube to travel to a nearby tube station. Took a several minutes of walk before reaching Jardin du Luxembourg. Along the way, we saw one of the theater houses. I like the classic walkway beside the theater.

Jardin du Luxembourg is surrounded by a high iron-made gate and the award winning photos were hanging on the gate, surrounded the whole area. Jardin du Luxembourg is like another version of 'heaven'. This place is definately gorgeous. The landscape, the plants, the statues, the pond.... everything looked perfectly beautiful! There were chairs every where. Visitors could simply grap a chair, sit and relax to enjoy the beautiful scene of Jardin du Luxembourg. This area covers up to 224,500 square feet.

This is one of the art work we found on our way walking to Jardin du Luxembourg. Drawing windows to create such fantastic view in the city is such a wonderful idea!

This is the classic walkway that I mentioned.

Here we are in front of Jardin du Luxembourg's backgate. These are the award winning photos taken by professional photographers. Each photo carries some important messages, mainly about saving the earth and world peace.

Part of Jardin du Luxembourg. On the right is Palais du Luxembourg.

Fountain Marie de Medicis (in France it is called Fontaine de Medicis).

Another photo of Palais du Luxembourg.

The biggest fountain in front of Palais du Luxembourg.

Ya! Hubby was tryign to reach the nosal...haha! :P

Long way to go before reaching the front gate of Jardin du Luxembourg.

Fountain of the Observatory (in France it is called Quatre-du-Parties-World) stands on the most front of Luxembourg garden.

Later in the afternoon, we went for lunch. None of us was dare to order escargot - the France snails.

The knife went down and all the blood splashed out! Yuu.... eating like a dracular!

I guess this beef was only 30% cooked.... or may be less!

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