Friday, 24 April 2009


This is the first and only SLR I bought, before that I was using dad's SLR, Olympus as well, but can't remember what was the model. I bought it in year 2000, which was 9 years ago....
Model: Olympus 2000
Lens: Olympus 35mm-70mm & 70mm-210mm
Price Bought:RM2,800-RM3,000

Brother in-law is not using this camera anymore, he passed it to us. It's a Canon EOS G, another SLR camera. Unfortunately the camera is not in good shape any more, guess brother in-law didn't really take care of his gadget. I never try out this camera. Today it becomes one of my collections. (lens: 28mm-80mm)

This is my first digital camera, it is a compact camera. I bought this in March 2006. Among all cameras, I love this one the most. It helps to capture all the greatest memory I had. At first I bought this camera with the purpose to take pics for my kittens, then it ends up accompanying me to England, Holland, Paris, Scotland and Italy.
Model: Kodak Easy Share Z650
Price: Around RM1,200

This is the lastest camera I have, it is still very new to me. Bought this DSLR in January 2009, still finding my way to learn and to use this camera. I always believe only people who fully understand their camera are able to take nice shot. So the first thing that I need to do is to make my new camera as my best friend! :)
Model: Canon 450D
Lens: Canon 18mm-55mm & Tamron 70mm-300mm
Price: 520 pounds sterling

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