Monday, 6 April 2009

Stonehenge (22 Mar 09)

Since the first day I came to UK, I kept thinking of visiting Stonehenge. Finally my dream has come true. Went to Stonehenge with hubby, Doreen and John on 22nd March.

The word "henge" means hanging, that is where Stonehenge gets it's name from. Today, Stonehenge is listed as prehistoric monument. It is also listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Until today, no one really knows why these stones were placed here. Some believe it's a symbol of certain ritual or religion; some believe it's related to science, some believe it's a 'calender' that helps to tell changes of 4 seasons. The real reason remains as a mystery.

Archeologists believe Stonehenge was built in 3 separate phases. The first phase is believed to start about 5000 years ago, which was around 3100BC. The project was then being abandoned for 1000 years before the second phase started. The second stage started in 2150BC, the third one started in 2000BC. What we see today is what remains from the final construction. Several buried mounds are also found around this area.

* The entrance fee per adult is 6.50pounds.

This is the Heelstone.

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