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浪漫城之旅 - 巴黎圣母院 *Trip to the City of Romance - Notre Dame (23 May 08)


巴黎圣母院里的建筑设计也蛮惊人。高高的天花板,墙壁周围也很多stain glass。最吸引我的就是教堂里面那高高的天花板了,因为很高的关系,着教堂给了我一个非常奢华的感觉,好高贵好美。我们到访巴黎圣母院那天刚好神父和当地居民都在做礼拜,来祷告的人很多,来观看教堂的游客也蛮多。巴黎圣母院被誉为巴黎最特殊的历史建筑物之一。它的高度是295尺,于1163年开始建立,1345年才完成这浩大的建筑工程。

Have you ever heard of the story of 'Hunchback of Notre Dame'? Yes, the story was written based on Notre Dame in Paris. Notre Dame is one of the oldest gothic church in Paris and it is believed that this church carries the finest arts among all churches in the country.

I was speechless when I first saw the architecture of this building. The handcrafted arts was so fine and nice. You may notice that each crafted faces on the wall are different (yes! amazingly a face never appears twice!) and each were crafted with different facial expression.

Not only the out look of Notre Dame looks interesting, the interior design of this church is also very amazing! The ceiling was built high and the walls are decorated with stain glasses. The high ceiling gave me an impression that this holy place is very grand and luxurious. The overall height of this building is 295 feet. It took almost 2 centuries to build Notre Dame, from year 1163 to year 1345.

All faces are different! Amazing isn't it?

This is what I meant, the high and tall ceiling of Notre Dame.

The statue of Joan of Arc. She was a young women peasant who helped France by leading soldiers againts English. She was killed due to being accused as a witch. Today, Joan of Arc has become a national heroine of France and a saint of the Roman Catholic Church, including Notre Dame in Paris.

Next to Notre Dame is a high street full of survenior shops, and this area was crowded with people. We bought some surveniors from here, including 4 pieces 8X10 scatches of Eiffel Tower and Arch de Triomphe. Besides that, each of us also bought either a panini or egg tart for lunch. I could still remember the taste of egg tart I had, it was so delicious. The tart was huge and I couldn't finish it by my own. Later, we continue our journey to Museum du Louvre.

Behind is Hotel de Ville, the city council.

The river of Ile Saint-Louis. We walked along the river side to Museum du Louvre.

Another photo of Ile Saint-Louis.

You could find 2nd hand books, all kind of old stuff, classical post cards and posters & etc along river side. It is a very interesting place to explore.

I have bought two Moulin Rouge post cards from this stall.

These are some of the 'classical nude posters' sold at the river side.

If we could spend more days in Paris, we would have taken the cruise to tour around this busy city.

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