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浪漫城之旅 - 先贤祠 *Trip to the City of Romance - Pantheon (22 May 08)

到访先贤祠那一天蛮迟了(时间已快下午4点),结果只能在里面匆匆忙忙的走一遍就离开了。一进去先贤祠的门口,我们先买了Museum Pass。这 Museum Pass 限期是两天, 保括了巴黎所有的博物院及礼堂的入门票,一共是欧元20一本。说真的,20欧元一本是很值得买,但是问题在于我们计划逗留在巴黎的时间太短了,所以我们并没有充份的好好利用这个门票。原本当天买的门票应该写上当天的日期,但因为我们到达先贤祠的时间已经很晚了,善良的售票员允许我们在Museum Pass 写上第二天的日期,这样 Museum Pass 就可以valid 至后天 (valid于23及24日),今天参观先贤祠就算是免费的。很感激他那么帮我们,但很可惜,我们并没法 utilize 它了,因为我们得在24日早上离开巴黎

本来老爸是不想进去了的,还好我坚持要进去看一看。不进去真的会后悔。 Pantheon 里的architecture 实在是太美太伟大了。Patheon 原本建设是为了把它建成一个教堂,但后来被用成来埋葬先人的地方。Pantheon 里藏有很多大幅的油画。在伦敦的National Art Gallery, 游客都不被允许拍油画的照。但在巴黎的先贤祠里,想怎么拍就怎么拍。

By the time we reached Panthoen, it was already in the late afternoon (about 4pm). Bought 4 Museum Passes at the entrance, it was selling at 20 Euro each. The Museum Pass is valid for all museums in Paris within 2 days. By right our Museum Passes were valid only on 22nd and 23rd of May, due to we were late in Panthoen, the person selling tickets at the counter allowed us to enter Pantheon on free admission, so that our Museum Pass could bring forward to another day (valid from 23rd to 24th May). Really thanks to her kindness help! Unfortunately we have no chance to utilize it as we leaved Paris on 24th morning.

Pantheon is a Latin word that carries the meaning "All God". The actual plan was to build this palce as a church and dedicate it to St.Genevieve. However, numerous changes were done and in the end this place turned to become a burial place. There are lots of huge and gorgeous painting hanging on all the walls. I have seen these kind of oil painting in British National Art Gallery, but the problem is we were not allowed to take any photo there. In Pantheon, you could take as many photos as you want. Pantheon is a place one must visit. You will definately regret if you miss this place.

Dad and mum took a photo on our way walking to the Pantheon.

Patheon is supported by lots of huge pillars.

A closer look at the crafted art on this marvelous building.

The art is stunning!

One of the huge bronze door of Pantheon.

The interior of Pantheon is amazingly beautiful and unique! I like the tall ceiling, the drawing and the stone craft. Well.... basically everything about this place!

I found it is amazing that how human in 18 century could built such a huge building with the such tall ceiling and nice crafted dome.

A short video of oil paintings that hang on the walls.

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