Thursday, 23 April 2009

浪漫城之旅-圣心教堂 *Trip to Basilique Sacre Coeur (23 May 08)



Basilique Sacre Coeur was our last visit in Paris. This cathedral was built up on a hill. The actual purpose of building this holy place is to serve as a memorial for 58,000 armies who faught and died in Franco-Prussian War. Today, it serves as a popular landmark in Paris and people believe it is built dedicated to the sacred heart of Jesus.

Due to Scare Coeur is built up high on a hill, besides following the staircases, visitors could also take the cable car to reach to the top. However each ride requires a Metro ticket. Luckily we always bring either a daily Metro Pass or a whole book of Metro tickets.

Although it was late, many were still remain up on the hill. I guess these people must be waiting for sunset. Frankly speaking, this is the best place to view the sunset in Paris. Many may like to spend their evening on Eiffel Tower, but if I were given another chance to visit Paris, I will definately waiting for sunset at Sacre Coeur.

Facinating view of Paris. Many were waiting for sunset...

Statue of Joan of Arc.

The crowd was enjoying the performance and singing together with the guitarian. I sat down and join the crowd too! It was very entertaining!

Video of 'La Bamba'.

Basilique Sacre Coeur.

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