Saturday, 9 May 2009

香蕉布丁 *Banana Pudding

鸡蛋..... 3 粒(中型的)
鲜奶..... 400ml
香蕉..... 依个人喜好(我用了4 条)
糖......... 适量(我用了3 大汤匙)
牛油..... 适量
蜜糖..... 适量(可免)
vanilla..... 2

1. 把鸡蛋打散,然后滤过。
2. 另外,把糖和vanilla 加入牛奶内,然后煮至糖溶化,并不需要煮至牛奶沸腾。置放牛奶至半冷热。
3. 把(1)加入(2)内,然后再滤过。
4. 在烤盘里涂上一些牛油,再把切好的香蕉摆进去,然后把(3)倒入烤盘里。
5. 把(4)置放在另一个装有水的烤盘上。
6. 把(5)放入烤炉里,用160摄氏的热度烤大概40分钟。
7. 烤好后可以依个人口味再加入一些蜜糖。



3 middle size chicken eggs
400ml fresh milk
banana (I used 4 ripe, cut all into slices)
3 tbsp sugar
honey (option)
2 vanilla waffers

1. Break eggs into a bowl,stir until even and strain.
2. In other hand, add sugar and vanilla to fresh milk. It doen't have to be boiled, just cook until sugar is melted. Place (2) aside to wait until it is abit cooling.
3. Add (2) to (1) and strain again.
4. Spread some butter in the baking container, place banana in it and pour (3) to fill up the space.
5. Place (4) on another baking plate that is filled with water.
6. Bring (5) to the oven and bake with 160 degree celsius heat for about 40 minutes.
7. Add some honey before served (optional).

* Pudding will taste even better if it is stored in fridge before served.


  1. 谢谢你的食谱分享。。

  2. Sorry, something is wrong with my keyboard, I couldn't write in Chinese.

    In the beginning I bake with higher temperature, that was why the banana was a bit over cooked. I did it again with approximately 160 degree celsius and my banana pudding turned out to be super nice! However I have forgotten to snap photo for my second-round-baked pudding....sign!