Wednesday, 20 May 2009

历史大帝国 - 罗马(万神殿) * The Greatest Historical Empire - Rome (Pantheon) (8 Aug 08)


Frankly, I was so dissapointed when I saw Pantheon in Rome. It is not even 10% as beautiful as Pantheon in Paris. This place was built originally for Roman to worship their Godness. It is the only well preserve building in Rome. Today's Pantheon is used as a Catholic church.

We went to a restorant near by Pantheon for lunch. A friend ordered mini pizzas with 3 different flavours. The one on the most left (with red sauce) is tomato pizza, the middle one is bacon pizza and the most right is pizza with pineapple toping. The other 2 pizzas were taken before this photo was snapped! :)

I love lasagna so I ordered lagsana for myself. Yummy yummy! That's the best lasagna I ever tasted!

Hubby took a rest on the terrace beside Panthoen....

Inside Pantheon...

You could take photos with these people (the one dress-up as Roman army) and they will ask you to pay 10 euros after that!

Pantheon and a restorant some where near by.

The weather was extremely hot that day. These dogs were lying on the backstreets to get some rest.

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