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佛罗伦萨 - 佛罗伦萨教堂 *Florence - Basilica di Santa Maria Fiore (11 Aug 08)

第二天的早上吃了早餐后,我们便出发在佛罗伦萨的大街大摇大摆的,到处留下我们的足迹。佛罗伦萨说大不大,说小也不小。最漂亮的该是她的那一座大教堂(Basilica di Santa Maria Fiore) 了。很特别的一个教堂,很有自己的特色,和我以往所看到的教堂真的大大不同。它没有Vatican City的教堂堂皇,也没有巴黎的教堂充满了艺术感,没有York的教堂充满了神秘感,但它的特色就因此吸引了很多游客。 教堂是用白色和青色的大理石建成的。

最特殊的是教堂外的人像很多都是向地面望的。开始时我的眼睛是向这一座建筑物的四周投射,一旦不小心看到了门正中有一个人像瞪着我看,我打愣了一下。仿佛它很不满意我在看他。也许教堂建得太高了,所以雕像是往下看的,这样一来当我们向上看时至少还可以看到雕像的脸及表情。除了教堂(Basilica Santa Maria Fiore) 和钟楼(Giotto),教堂对面的洗礼堂(Baptistery)也一起被UNESCO封为World Heritage。参观教堂是免费的,但上教堂的钟楼塔就得付费。但是当天人太多了,很可惜我们没进去。

Florence is a moderate size city. We were loituring around the town afer having our breakfast. We went to the biggest church in Florence - Basilica di Santa Maria Forie. Although it is not as grand as basilica in Vatican City, the design is not as artistic and beautiful as churches in Paris, not as gothic as York Misnter, Basilica di Santa Maria Forie is unique in it's own way. The whole basilica was built with green and white marble stones.

The most unique thing about this basilica is that you may notice most statues are facing downward. I was stunt and shocked when I saw a small tiny face was starring at me. Besides Basilica di Santa Maria Fiore and Giotto (the church's bell tower), Baptistry is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is no charge for visiting the basilica, however there is a minimum admission charge for Giotto.

Huge gate. Each gates is crafted with stories from the holy bible.

Did you see the small face in the center of door-frame? This was the one that made me stunt and shocked! :P

Giotto/bell tower.

The big dome of Basilica di Santa Maria Fiore.


This statue was built opposite Basilica di Santa Maria Fiore. It was looking at the top of basilica's dome and was like doing some measurement and calculation. I think he should be the designer of this basilica, who knows?

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