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宗教圣地 - 梵蒂冈(梵蒂冈博物馆) *The Sacred Land of Vatican City (Musei Vaticano) (9 Aug 08)

先来说说这世界数一数二的博物院(Musei Vaticano,英语叫Vatican Museum)吧!这博物院建立于16世纪,整个博物院一共分成了54个部门。当然,我们没那么多的体力走完整个博物院。和英国的国家博物院比较之下,虽然梵蒂冈博物院的建筑物比较漂亮,而且也藏了很多雕像及油画,但我还是认为British Museum最棒!British Museum所收藏的东西比梵蒂冈博物院所收集的东西多出好几倍,而且还是那种两天都走不完也看不完。。。去了两次,还是没办法把British Museum 里的东西看完。。。

参观梵蒂冈博物院是必须付费的。门票是 €14一人,只有26岁以下的欧洲学生可以享有折扣。其他国家来的有学生是不可能享有这特别折扣的。有一点是值得和大家分享的:每一月最后的一个星期日门票是免费的。但得很早就去排队了,要不然队会很长。

走着走着,我们不小心进入了Capella Sistina/ The Sistine Chapel。来这里的目的除了观赏 The Last Judgement 壁画之外,我们也该找 Michael Angelo 的那张Creation of Adam。最大的画应该是 The Last Judgement,画的是关于judgement day 的寓言。基本上整个Sistine Chapel 是演绎了圣经里的故事,保括亚当和夏娃图,诺亚舟图,也有一部分Old Testament的圣经故事在此。很可惜,我们不被允许拍照

Musei Vaticano (in English it is known as Vatican Museum) was built in 16 century. All together there are 54 departments in this museum, I couldn't finish visiting all departments within half a day time. Comparatively, Musei Vaticano does not have as many collected items as British Museum.

The admission fee to Musei Vaticano is 14 Euro per person. Only European students who are below 26 years old are entitled to pay half price. However, admission fee is free for everyone on the last Sunday of each month. It is best to go early in the morning (on last Sunday of each month) to avoid the crowd and the long queue.

Capella Sistina or more welknown as The Sistine Chapel is located in Musei Vaticano as well. However, photos are not allowed in this small chapel. What attracted visitors to come to The Sistine Chapel is the artwork of Micharl Angelo - named Creation of Adam. The largest wall painting is The Last Judgement, it illustrates the phenomenon of judgement day, as predicted. Basically the whole chapel is full of drawing, and these drawings are related to stories from the bible. There are also Adam and Hava, The Noah Ark and some other stories from The Old Testament.

Took photo with the restorant owner. He is a very friendly Italian.

我们一进去梵蒂冈博物院后,上了电梯就走到这个大花园(Cortile della Pigna)。花园的正中央有一个很大的金球 - Sphere Within Sphere。
We came to Cortile della Pigna (a huge garden in Musei Vaticano) after passing the entrance door and took an elevator. Sphere Within Sphere is a big golden globe placed in the centre of the garden.

Cortile della Pigna这个名字取至图中的那个水池里的松树果实。
The name of the garden - Cortile della Pigna is originated from the pine fruit statue that stands in the garden.

One of the departments in Musei Vaticano that contains most statues.

Statue of Venus Felix

The Laocoon Group

Statue of the Tigris

Photo taken at the Gregorian Egyptian Museum.

A painting on the ceiling, it looks so 3D.

这里是博物院里其中一个漂亮的地方。这里收藏的是16世纪的地图。这个部门叫Gallery della Carte Geografiche/ Gallery of Map。
This is another department in Musei Vaticano, it is called Gallery della Carte Geografiche, or also known as Gallery of Map. This department exhibits 16 centuries maps.

One of the map....

This is the dome of Basilica di San Pietro in Vaticano/ Saint Peter's Basilica, took this photo from Musei Vaticano.

This is the most beautiful department in Musei Vaticano.

Don't forget to visit this spiral stairway in Musei Vaticano.

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