Monday, 11 May 2009

My Second Visit to Edinburgh (4 June 08)

Photo taken on Calton Hill. Overseeing the whole town from this high hill.....

Behind mum is Authur Seat, used to be an active valcano.

One of the Monument on Calton Hill.

Nelson Monument stands on Calton Hill too.

Behind mum is Scott Monument. It is built in the centre of the busy town.

Street performer was blowing a Scottish Pipe.

Scott Monument

Missing a foot???

Edinburgh Castle is just up on the hill behind these buildings....

Edinburgh Castle

These are castle's guards. Kilt is part of their uniform.

Edinburgh Castle and the guard house.

Hubby put on this helmet in one of the survinior shop....

Mum also put on....hahaha...

There are lots of survinior shops along Royal Mile. Mum took one of the kilts to take photo. Never call this as a 'skirt' as it is not, it's 'kilt'!

Mum took a photo in front of an armour/weapon shop.

The whole street is called Royal Mile, some where around Edinburgh Castle.

St. Gile Cathedral, one of the oldest cathedral in Edinburgh. For more information, please refer to

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