Wednesday, 27 May 2009

佛罗伦萨 - 西瓜节 *Florence - Watermelon Festival (10 Aug 08)


We arrived in Florence late in the evening. I think we were quite lucky as we managed to catch up with the local annual celebration of 'Watermelon's Day'. Not sure what is the main purpose behind all this, but we definately had fun! All watermelons and pasta are free, everything was on the host/organizer. Although I don't really like watermelon, I had a few pieces on that day, it was the sweatest watermelon I have ever tasted!

Here comes the watermelons! This is only one cart.....

While waiting for the celebration to begin, hubby sat a side to enjoy the live ochestra.

The crowd was listening to the live ochestra.

The light is on, the celebration starts soon!
The celebration began, participants were busy cutting watermelons.

只要花大概6欧元买一件T-shirt, 什么人都可以成为当天的工作人员。
As long as you have this T-shirt, you could join to be come a participant. (T-shirt cost 6 Euros)

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