Sunday, 24 May 2009

咖哩粉炸鸡翼 *Deep Fry Chicken with Curry Powder

鸡翼..... 8 对(依上半下半切成两截)
Adabi 鱼咖哩粉..... 3 汤匙
面粉..... 适量
蒜米..... 1 汤匙
苏东露..... 1 茶匙
盐..... 适量
食油..... 大量
1. 鸡翼腌上蒜米、咖哩粉、苏东露和盐。最好能腌隔一夜。
2. 第二天要炸鸡翼之前,加入面粉,把一切调匀。
3. 热锅后加入大量的食油。食油要煮到很热才把鸡翼放到锅里炸。
4. 鸡翼炸至金黄色即可。
8 pairs chicken wings (each wing cut into 2)
3 tbsp Adabi fish curry powder
1 tbsp finely chopped garlic
1 teasp squid sauce
cooking oil
1. Marinate chicken wing with garlic, squid sauce, curry powder and salt. It is best to marinate them over night.
2. Before deep frying, add flour to chicken wing and toss until evenly mix.
3. Make sure the cooking oil is hot before deep frying.
4. Remove chiken wing from wok after both sides of chicken wing turn into golden brown.

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