Friday, 1 May 2009

欲望都市 - 阿姆斯特丹城市及旧皇宫 * Sex & the City - Amsterdam City and Koninklijk Paleis (29 May 08)

The main transportation in Netherland/Holland is bicycle. You will be able to see lots of bicycle every where. You have to be really careful while crossing the road as many are cycling like speedy gonzales. 荷兰人的主要交通工具是脚踏车。在这里过马路时千万要小心哦!这里的人踏脚车超快的!

Koninklijk Palace is one of the four palaces in Netherland. The building was built as a city hall, but then later on it became the palace of the Royal Dutch House. 这是荷兰的其中一座旧皇宫。

This is the plaza in front Koninklijk Palace. 皇宫前面的广场。

I like the interior design of this survinior shop!

If Malaysia's weather is not that hot and humid, I guess many people will cycle to work too...

Amsterdam also has Madame Tussaud. 阿姆斯特丹也有一间蜡像馆。

Behind me is tram, one of the public transportation in Amsterdam. 阿姆斯特丹的地铁车。

Wanna try out this taxi? :) 外形很奇怪的得士。

Holland/Netherland is the origin of Heineiken. People here don't really like Heineken. Every morning, I saw a few group of horses pulling huge beer barrells across the streets. 荷兰是Heineiken 原创国家。听说这里的人都不爱和这牌子的啤酒。每天早上我都会看到几辆马车载着一大桶、一大桶的木酒桶。

We found a park not far from our hotel. 我们旅店附近的一个公园。

There were lots of pubs and bars around our hotel. At night this place becomes very happening. I guess that was why the hotel rooms are more expensive around here. 我们旅店附近到了晚上很热闹。


  1. 好漂亮的城市~

  2. 荷兰的却是个很漂亮的城市,这里的人都是以踏脚车为主。