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历史大帝国 - 罗马 *The Greatest Historical Empire - Rome (Ponte Sant' Angelo) (9 Aug 08)

Photo taken outside Musei Vaticano.

Castellum Sancti Angeli/ Castle Sant' Angelo 本来是个皇族的宫廷,但现在已经被改造成罗马其中的一间博物院。
Above is Castellum Sancti Angeli. In English, it is known as Castle Sant' Angelo. Initially it was commisioned by Rome royal family. Later it was converted to become a museum.

从Castellum Sancti Angeli/ Castle Sant' Angelo 看过去的梵蒂冈。
The view of Vatican City taken from Castellum Sancti Angeli.

意大利文里的'Ponte' 意思是‘桥’。这座桥命名为Ponte Sant' Angelo 是因为传说天使Sant' Angelo 站在Castellum Sancti Angeli/ Castle Sant' Angelo 的最顶部,宣布病灾已经了结。
Ponte Sant' Angelo was completed in 134AD. 'Ponte' in Italian means 'bridge' . This bridge was named after angel Sant' Angelo because it was believed an angle stood on the roof of castle (referring to Castellum Sancti Angeli/ Castle Sant' Angelo, which stands opposite Ponte Sant' Angelo) to announce end of plague.

The statues of angels were placed on both sides of the bridge.

This is one of the statues.

Another street performance.

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