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佛罗伦萨 *Florence - Piazzale degli Uffizi & Ponte Vecchio (11 Aug 08)

Palazzo Vecchio 附近就是Piazzale degli Uffizi,附近就是很出名的画廊-Galleria degli Uffizi (英语是 Uffizi Gallery)。Uffizi 画廊里收藏了很多Renaissance时候的名画。参观Uffizi画廊的票价是 €8.50一人,我们又不懂艺术,我们没进去参观这画廊。参观伦敦的国家画廊 (NationalArt Gallery) 一分钱都不用给,只是不能在里面拍照罢了。如果不参观Uffizi画廊,不如到Uffizi 广场(Piazzaledegli Uffizi) 走走。Uffizi 广场和其他的广场不一样。通常广场是四四方方的,但Uffizi的广场却是一条很长的走廊。
Piazzale degli Uffizi stands very near to Palazzo Vecchio. Next to Piazzale degli Uffizi is Galleria degli Uffizi, or in English it is known as Uffizi Gallery. This gallery collects lots of famous painting and drawing from Renaissance. The admission fee to this gallery is 8.50 Euro per person. We didn't enter as we don't know anything about arts, we were not cultivated with all these cultures. The above photo was taken from Piazzale degli Uffizi, it's an long retangular open area.

照片里的那条桥是Ponte Vecchio,建立于Arno河的左右两岸。这条桥的特色是桥上有很多间首饰店。在桥上,你可以找到很多金铺。来到Ponte Vecchio,不要忘了买它最水出名的水晶首饰。这桥早在996年已经存在,但好像被大水淹过了无数次。
Behind me is Ponte Vecchio. It was found in year 996, built across Arno River and this bridge has been washed away a few times by flood. What make this bridge special is all jewellery shops in Florence are opened on this bridge. Don't forget to get some crystals from here as it is believed Florence is one of the place produces the most beatiful crystal on earth.

Found this on our way walking to Ponte Vecchio.

Hubby said it is heavy!

Photo taken n Ponte Vecchio.

The shelves are special made shelves. Pull down the board and lock them with a lock pad, that's all they need to do before closing the shop in the evening.

View from Ponte Vecchio. This is Arno River.

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