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历史帝王国 - 罗马(斗兽场) * The Greatest Historical Empire - Rome (Colosseum) (8 Aug 08)

* This photo has been edicted by HDR technique.


斗兽场位于罗马的市中心,是全罗马最大的娱乐消遣的场所之一(斗兽场原本是一 amphitheater。在罗马amphitheater的意思就是可以载歌载舞或举办运动赛的场所)。斗兽场是在70年开始建立的,用了10年的时间才把它建好。本来的斗兽场可以容纳大概5万人,但经过了那么多年被大自然破坏后(尤其地震),已经是没有一个座位是完整的了。相信大家还记得在Gladiator电影里看到的情节吧?电影里面的斗兽场是经过电脑软件修改过的了,今天的斗兽场剩下的真的不多了。根据统计,大概50万战士在这里失去了宝贵的生命,而在战斗过程死去的野生动物也高达总数100万只。整个斗兽场是椭圆形的。长度是615尺;宽度是510尺。因为它很大,给了很多人一个错觉认为它是圆形的。

罗马的地铁很方便,只要达Metro地铁到Colloseo 站,一下车就可以看到斗兽场在对面了。参观斗兽场的理想时间最好是在九点左右,这时候的门刚开,人潮不多。这样就可以避免不必要的长龙。进门票是11欧元一人。

Finally I have achieved my dream to 'concure' the second 7 Wonders of the World!

Colosseum stands in the centre of Rome, it was the biggest amphitheater in Rome. The building construction started in 70AD and it took 10 years to complete. Colosseum was built with the capacity to accomodate 50 thousands spectators. However, most seats were destroyed after being attacked by earth quake along these years. It is estimated that about 500 thousands fighters and over a million wild animals died in Colosseum games. Colossuem is built in oval shape, it is 615 feet in lenght and 510 feet in width.

It is easy to get to Colosseum by public transport. Just take Metro and get down at Colosseo station. After getting down to the station, you may see Colosseum is just opposite the road. Normally Colosseum will be crowded with visitors after 11am. If possible, make your trip as early as possible to Colosseum (it is opened around 9am) so that you could avoid the long queue. The admission fee is 11 Euro per person.

这里是Roman Forum 的一部份,比较接近大街的一部份。
This is part of Forum Romanum/ Roman Forum that stands next to the main street.

Found an unknown arch before entering Colosseum.

Colosseum was constructed with two layers of walls. The above photo shows the outer layer.

Behind hubby is the inner layer wall.

This is the entrance to Colosseum, the ticket selling counter was some where in the passage.

This is how the passage/walkway looks like.

Inside Colosseum...

3 levels of seats in Colosseum.

Arena was 100% destroyed.Without Arena, we could directly see hypogeum. Hypogeum is the underground structure of Colosseum, which was built to keep wild animals and also played its function as a passage leading animals and fighters to enter Colosseum. It was surprised to know that Roman used 'mechanical lift' to lift animals from hypogeum to Arena since many centuries ago.

This photo was taken while we were at the first level. Visitors are free to walk around first and second levels, however level-3 is not accessible. Don't forget to climb up to level-2 if you would like to take nice photos of the whole Colosseum.

3 levels of seats....

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