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历史大帝国 - 罗马(Navona 广场和西班牙广场) *The Greatest Historical Empire - Rome (Piazza Nanova & Spanish Steps) (8 Aug 08)

Piazza Navona 是罗马最大的广场。本来这里是罗马最大的娱乐场所之一,也就是罗马人以前的最佳消遣地方之一。这个广场最早的时候被命名为Circus Agonalis, 后来才改名成Piazza Navona。今天的Piazza Navona是艺术的买卖中心,你可以在这里找到很好的油画及其他手工艺术品。有一些画家甚至可以当场为你做画。除了可以在这里找艺术名画之外,游客也可以参观广场中央的一座教堂 - Sant' Agnese in Agone. 这个教堂的正前方有一个水池(Fontana dei Quattro Fuimi/ Fountain of the Four River) 和纪念碑(an Egyptian Obelisk)。

至于西班牙广场呢又在罗马城市的另一方了。西班牙广场是游客常年来都一定会参观的地方。据说因为当初西班牙领事馆在这里建立,所以就把这里命名为西班牙广场。西班牙广场有楼上、楼下之分。楼下广场的正中央有一座很大的石雕船 (La Fontana della Barcaccia),那座船其实是一个水池,水池里的水是自然的矿泉水,所以是可以喝的。楼上的广场有一座教堂。这两个上、下广场之间是一格很长的梯级。全程一共有138个梯级。晚间的西班牙广场更热闹。

Piazza Navona is an open square in Rome. It was built as arena of competition in the 1st century. Previously it was named as Circus Agonalis, but then the name changed eventually. Today's Piazza Navona has become 'centre of arts' in Rome. You may find lots of fine art works here. Other than bargaining for painting and drawing, one could also visit Sant' Agnese in Agone which stands in the middle of Piazza Navona. In front of Sant' Agnese in Agone, there is Fontana dei Quattro Fuimi (in English it is known as Fountain of the Four River) and an Egyptian Obelisk.

Spanish Steps is another place worth visiting. The actual name of this plaza is Scalinata della Trinita dei Monti, but it is more welknown as Spanish Steps. This name was given after Spanish had their embassy resided here. This plaza is divided into 2 levels: upper level and lower level. There is a 'boat-looked' fountain called La Fontana della Barcaccia stands in the centre of lower level plaza. While on the upper level, there is a church stands on the higher ground. One will have to take 138 steps of stairway to climb from lower level to reach the upper level.

Sant' Agnese in Agone and the Egptian Obelisk. The foundtain (Fontana dei Quattro Fuimi/ Fountain of the Four River) was under renovation when we went.

Part of Piazza Navona.

This was one of the stalls selling paintings and drawings.

A fountain of Naptune was found some where not far away from Piazza Navona.

The name of this Egyptian Obelisk is unknown.

Spanish Steps and the 138 steps of stairway.

La Fontana della Barcaccia is the 'boat-liked' fountain stands in the centre of Spanish Steps. You could fill your drinking bottle here, but you shall not wash your body here. You could be warned and fine by the local authority if you do so. The kids who washed his head in the picture was given warning by two policemen who guarded the place.

You could also take a house ride around Spanish Steps. Not sure how much does it cost. To ensure the cleaniness and hygene of Rome city and the streets, horse owner hung a big textile bag behind all his horses to collect horse feces.

Spanish Steps at night.

Viewing Spanish Steps from half way of the stairway.

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