Sunday, 31 May 2009

Britain Got Talent Finale

Tonight is the finale for Britain Got Talent.

All contestants did great just now.

Diversity performed the best dance ever, that's the best correography I have ever seen. They nailed it tonite, 100% perfection!

I love Jafargholi and I always supported him, he is such a sweet boy with a big voice! But I think he didn't choose the right song tonite.

Hollie Steel sang so well tonight, much much much better than last night. I have goosebump all over me when I was listening to her singing.

Shaun Smith's loves song melts my heart too. He is also another great singer!

Although Susan Boyle has beautiful voice, but I don't really like her. She catches too much attention from the public and there were too much publicity about her.

It's a tough night to make decision. In the end I dial this number 09011322205 to send my vote to Hollie Steel; while hubby dial 09011322209 to vote for Diversity! The result will be released in another hour.....

so kanchiong (anxious) now....

Diversity - a street dance group. Quite good, but not as good as Diversity!

Shaheen Jafargholi - a 12 year old sweet boy with a very big voice! I love him!

Aidain Davis - He is damn good in dancing. But again, I think he did better in yesterday's semifinal.

2 Grands - grandpa singing with granddaughter.

Hollie Steel - a 10 year old girl who sang theater's song. She did ok in her audition and semifinal, but she sang so so so well in tonight's finale!!

Stavros Flatley - a dance group of father and son. I like them too! They are hilariously funny and cute!!

Shaun Smith - another great voice!!

Susan Boyle - she has beautiful voice!

Diversity - awesome correography, nice team, nice dance! They rock the world!!!

Julian Smith - awesome!! But I think he played even better in his semi final!

After an hour, the results revealed......
3rd place: Julian Smith (did aspect he will get into top-3)
2nd place: Susan Boyle
1st Place: Diversity (Congratulations and excellent job!)
*Please log on Britain Got Talent's website to watch the show.

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