Thursday, 28 May 2009

佛罗伦萨 *Florence - Plazzo Vecchio & Piazza della Signoria (11 Aug 08)

Palazzo Vecchio 和 Piazza della Signoria是佛罗伦萨相当热闹的旅游胜地。Palazzo Vecchio在很久以前是佛罗伦萨的town hall,本来当地的人是想把它建成皇宫的。Palazzo Vecchio 的旁边是一个海王的喷水池。除了喷水池外,这建筑物的前方就是一片大广场(Piazza della Signoria)。广场的周围都放满了石雕像,其中有大卫的雕像。但来到这里不可以手痒痒去碰这些雕像,警卫可会骂的哦!在广场周围看雕像时不用付钱的,但如果要进去Palazzo Vecchio 就得付费!

Plazzo Vecchio and Piazza della Signoria are two welknown tourist spots in Florence. The initial plan for building Palazzo Vecchio was to make it as the royal palace, but then it was converted to become city town hall. A big Naptune Fountains stands next to Palazzo Vecchio. Besides that, there is also a huge plaza in front of the building - Piazza della Signoria. Many statues are placed in this plaza. No admission fee is required for visiting plaza and the statues, but one is required to pay some minimum charges to enter Palazzo Vecchio.

一路上走向Plazzo Vecchion时看到一群学生正在作画。
A group of students were scratching and drawing.

Plazzo Vecchion 旁边的海王喷水池。
The Fountain of Naptune stands besides Plazzo Vecchio.

Behind me is Piazza della Signoria.

This is one of the statues stands in front of Plazzo Vecchio.

David's statue also stands in front of Plazzo Vecchio.

There were lots of statues placed in Piazza della Signoria.


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