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比萨 - 闻名的比萨斜塔 *Pisa - The Leaning Tower of Pisa (10 Aug 08)

夏天的比萨是安静的,是孤单的。加上我们的比萨的那一天刚好是星期日,所有的店口都没开,街上的行人寥寥无几, 整个比萨变得像死城。

来比萨除了看比萨 斜塔外,我想也没什么其他的活动了吧?斜塔漂亮吗?漂亮。。。还很好玩呢!斜塔的下方有讲解牌,我和老公在哪儿晒了好久的太阳在那里看解说。如果没记错的话,那里一共有4 个不同语言的讲解牌,有英语的,华语的,韩语的,还有法语的。看了解释,才晓得原来早在1173年便开始兴建这一座塔。建到了第3层后工程,因为战争的关系停了大概100年。停止工程之前建筑师已经发现塔已开始陷土。在那100年的停工期间,土开始稳固了。100 年后,建筑师又再次开始动土,为这塔加上另外的4层,造成了今天所看到的7层斜塔。

Pisa was quiet during we went in last summer. Plus we went on Sunday, all shops were closed and we hardly see people walking around the town, most were tourists. Frankly speaking, it was too quiet like a cowboy town.

Nothing else is more important than visiting La Torre di Pisa (The Leaning Tower of Pisa) when coming to Pisa town. You will be able to find a few explanation boards in 4 different kinds of languages placed in front of the tower. The architects realised the tower began to lean soon after the onset of the construction, but they insist to continue building until war started. The war forced the construction to stop and it stopped after completing the 3rd storey. The second constructions continued after 100 years, by then the soil had become more solid and was able to support a heavier and higher tower. The construction continue to build another 4 storeys until the project was completed.

Pisa was so quiet in summer...

Street arts

River in Pisa.

After walking for so long from Pisa train station, finally we saw The Leaning Tower of Pisa from far! Hurray!

The tower will look very lean only at certain angle, and this is the best location of all!!

Remember there is a legend about a wolve raised 2 human kids? It was a legend from Rome, this monument was built as a remembrance to the legend.

由于比萨斜塔左右2旁的高度有别,比萨的总高度是:183.27 尺,从最短的那一角算起;186.02 尺,从最长的那一角算起。斜塔最底面的宽度是13.42 尺,最高的宽度则是8.14 尺。只要附上7欧元,游客就可以爬296个梯级,慢慢的从斜塔的最低处走到最高处。如果你小心注意的话,你会发现斜塔从第4层开始慢慢变直。虽然我没上过,但小时候听叔叔说塔里面的构造是跟着水平线的,只是外表歪了而已。
The overall height of this tower is 183.27 feet from the ground on the lowest side and 186.02 feet from the ground on the highest side. The width of the tower is 13.42 feet at the most bottom and 8.14 feet at the most top. There are approximately 296 steps on the stairway. The only way to reach to the top is by the stairway. Tourists are allowed to visit the highest level, but minimum charge of 7 Euro is required. The tower starts to 'straighten' after the second batch of constrution, which means it started to 'straighten' from level-4. Although I never enter the tower, when I was small, I heard from my uncle saying the interior is horizontally built, it's not leaning from the inside.

This is a Duomo (duomo means catheral in Italian). It stands next to The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Battistero di San Giovanni/ Baptistry of the Cathedral Duomo

Battistero di San Giovanni/ Baptistry of the Cathedral Duomo

这个空广的空间是个广场,这个广场叫Piazza dell Micaroni。有一些人也把它称为Piazza del Duomo.
This is a huge plaza called Piazza dell Micaroni/ Piazza del Duomo.

斜塔的最高层, 钟楼层。看到有几位游客在上面吗?:)
This is the highest level of the tower, it is a bell tower. Visitors are loituring around the level.

You could also rent a tri-cycle to cycle around the town.

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