Sunday, 24 May 2009

柴鱼豆腐 *Steamed Toufu with Anchovy & Mix Vegetable Topping


水豆腐...... 1 块
冷冻杂菜.. 1/2 小碗(烫熟)
柴鱼/江鱼仔..... 1/2 小碗
食油.......... 适量
蚝油.......... 1 汤匙
水.............. 适量
1. 蒸豆腐,备用。
2. 热油,把柴鱼/江鱼仔炸干脆,备用。
3. 再热锅,加水、蚝油,炒匀后加入杂菜。
4. 把(3)淋上(1)即可。
1 square toufu
1/2 small bowl frozen mixed vegetables
1/2 small bowl anchovy
cooking oil
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1. Steam toufu.
2. Mean while, heat the wok with some oil, fry anchovy until it is crispy. Leave it from the wok once it is done.
3. Heat the wok again. This time add some water (about 3-4 spoon), add oyster sauce and stir until even. Add mixed vege and cook for 1-2 minutes.
4. Pour (3) on (1) and it is ready for serve.

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