Monday, 24 December 2007

梅菜猪肉 *Pork with Salted MuiChoy

花肉...... 2 条(切块)
甜梅菜.. 1 包(200克)
蒜头...... 1 大粒(去皮,打爆)
水.......... 适量
八角...... 2-3 颗
食油...... 适量
糖/椰糖.. 适量
晒油........ 1 汤匙

1. 梅菜一定要洗很多次,这样才会洗干净,而且不会太咸。但又不可浸太久,梅菜的原汁原味会流失。洗净后,切成2公分长。
2. 热锅后,先把蒜头炒香,然后把花肉放到锅里和蒜头炒一炒。
3. 加水、黑酱油、八角和梅菜入锅,焖至花肉软化。
4. 可以加糖调味。


2 pork belly, diced
200g sweet salted MuiChoy
1 whole garlic, skinned and crushed
2-3 three star anise
cooking oil
sugar/coconut sugar
1 tbsp caremel sauce/dark soy sauce

1. Wash salted MuiChoy with running water several times to remove dirt and sand. Immerse salted MuiChoy in water to reduce saltiness. Cut salted MuiChoy into 2cm in lenght.
2. Heat the pot with some cooking oil, stir garlic until colored, add pork belly to stir.
3. Add water, caremel sauce/dark soy sauce, three star anise and salted MuiChoy and simmer until prok belly is soften.
4. Add some sugar to add flavour.

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