Monday, 24 December 2007

炒黑木耳 *Stir Fried Black Fungus

黑木耳... 1 碗(小片、双面黑的那种)
蛋........... 1 粒
蒜米....... 1 汤匙
食油....... 适量

1. 黑木耳浸水,等它发大软化后,去硬块,洗净。
2. 蛋打花,加少许盐。
3. 热油后先把蒜米炒香,然后炒黑木耳。
4. 炒熟黑木耳后,加盐调味。
5. 一边炒黑木耳,一边把蛋花倒入锅里一起炒即可。


1 bowl black fungus (double-sided are in black)
1 chicken egg
1 tbsp finely chopped garlic
cooking oil

1. Immerse black fungus in water until it expends. Remove the harden part and clean it.
2. Stir egg and add a little bit of salt.
3. Heat the wok and oil, stir garlic until it colored, then add black fungus to stir.
4. Once black fungus is cooked, add salt for flavor.
5. Keep on stiring and pouring egg into the wok.

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