Monday, 24 December 2007

东炎苏东 *Tomyam Squid

苏东...... 5-6 只
东炎酱.. 2 汤匙
大葱...... 1 粒(小粒的,切片)
蒜米...... 1 汤匙
葱泥...... 1 汤匙
盐.......... 适量
食油...... 适量
清水...... 少许

1. 苏东切片腌盐。
2. 热锅后,先爆香蒜米和小葱头,炒熟大葱,后加东炎酱一起炒香。可加少许清水,会容易炒一些。
3. 加入苏东一起炒,苏东一熟了就要立刻上锅,要不然苏东肉会变得很硬。
4. 喜欢酸味的朋友,可以加上1汤匙的酸柑汁。(选择性)


5-6 squid
2 tbsp Tom Yam paste
1 onion, cut into quarter or more
1 tbsp finely chopped garlic
1 tbsp finely chopped shallot
cooking oil

1. Cut squid into bite-sized pieces and marinate with salt.
2. Heat the wok, stir fried garlic and shallot until both are colored. Add onion to fried until soften. Add Tom Yam paste to stir with other ingredients until evenly mixed. You could also add some water.
3. Add squid to stir. Remove squid from wok immediate after squid is cooked. Avoid squid from over cook as the texture will be harden.
4. You could add 1 tbsp of fresh lime sauce to the dish before serve. (optional)

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