Monday, 24 December 2007

蒜味焖肉 *Simmer Pork with Garlic

猪肉...... 一大碗
八角花.. 2 颗
桂皮...... 1 支
蒜头...... 1 颗 (去皮打爆)
蚝油...... 2 汤匙
酱油...... 1 汤匙
晒油...... 1 汤匙
椰糖...... 1/2 片(可以用适量白糖)
清水...... 适量
食油...... 适量

1. 猪肉切块后腌胡椒粉和酱油。
2. 开锅后加2-3汤匙油,先炒蒜头(一下就好),然后再炒八角和桂皮(一下就好)。
3. 把猪肉加下去,炒至肉的外层看起来熟了,然后加水加蚝油(最好水能把猪肉腌浸在里面),再盖锅用慢火焖至猪肉软化(通常至少要45分钟)。如果喜欢用汁捞饭,可以多加一些水,当然加水后别忘了再加蚝油。也别忘了要时不时开盖看一看,炒开一下,确保汁不会收得太干。
4. 加椰糖或糖,煮至溶化即可。
* 可以加水煮蛋一起鲁。


1 bowl diced pork
2 star anise
1 stick cinnamon
1 whole garlic (break into cloves, skinned and crushed)
2 tbsp oyster saurce
1 tbsp soy saurce
1 tbsp sweet black soy saurce
1/2 coconut sugar (can be replaced by white sugar )
cooking oil

1. Cut pork into slices and marinate with pepper and soy sauce.
2. Heat the wok with 2-3 tbsp of cooking oil, stir fry garlic for a while, the follow by stir frying star anise and cinammon, also just for a while.
3. Add pork to stir fry for about 5 minutes, add water and oyster sauce (water shall be enough to cover all pork in the wok/pot). Simmer with medium low heat for at least 45 minutes until pork is soften. If you would like to have more gravy, you could add more water. Don't forget to add more oyster sauce if more water is added.
4. Add coconut sugar or white sugar for flavor. Once sugar is melted, it is ready for serve.

* Could add boil eggs.

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